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Alliance Scholarship Program

Helping Make College Dreams Come True
What Members Are Saying:
“The Alliance Scholarship that our daughter received made a huge difference in her ability to go to college and our family's economic situation."
- Jeffrey K, PA

"My son had a scholarship for college all four years. It helped greatly, thanks Alliance!"
- Karen H, CO

"The scholarship my son received was certainly generous but the most value was the pride and self-confidence it provided."
- Andrea H, TX

In 2021, the Alliance Scholarship Program presented 9 deserving students with scholarships totaling $12,000. Since its inception in 1996, this annual program has awarded more than $2.8 million to thousands of high school graduates and college students all over the nation.

  • The program is open to eligible Alliance Members and their legal dependents who are 16- to 28-years-old and will attend college full-time

  • Both high school graduates and current college students may apply

  • Renewal candidates who maintain a 3.5 grade point average are eligible to earn scholarships for up to three consecutive years

  • June 15 is the annual deadline for first-time and renewal applications to be received

High school graduates and current college students must submit the current Alliance Scholarship Application and transcripts and must be received by June 15 to be considered for a scholarship award. Please allow additional time for mail delivery to meet the application deadline.

Renewal candidates must maintain a 3.5 GPA, submit required transcript documentation, and make a written renewal request. The deadline for receiving renewal requests is also June 15.

*Please Note: All transcripts and test scores must be original certified documents. Photocopies and printouts from the Internet will not be accepted.

Please review the Alliance Scholarship Application or Renewal Instructions for complete details of eligibility and submission requirements.

The Alliance College Guide

Alliance for Affordable Services created the Alliance College Guide to help students with information they need to prepare and enroll for college. Throughout this online resource you will find helpful tips, checklists and guidelines for succeeding in every step of the college search and admission process.

Click here to explore the College Guide today!

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