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Membership in the Alliance provides you access to valuable and money-saving benefits and services that offer you opportunities to reduce your health care costs and household expenses and save on professional services to improve your quality of life.

Health Benefits

Whether it's a medical emergency or simply preventive health care, your Alliance benefits can help you get the most for your health care dollars with Access to health insurance and numerous other health and wellness benefits that give you peace-of-mind.

Professional Services Benefits

Running a small business requires managing time, money, and resources. That is why the Alliance offers benefits and discounts to help your bottom line, such as tax and business advice, discounts on shipping, bookkeeping and financial software, and more.

Personal Benefits

There's more to life than just work, and when you are out of the office, the Alliance is still with you with benefits and savings for you and your family. Alliance Members enjoy travel discounts, roadside assistance reimbursement, identity theft resolution and many more benefits.

Education Benefits

Education plays a big part in a person's lifetime success. Alliance for Affordable Services remains dedicated to providing benefits for Members that promote learning and can help turn the dream of higher education into reality.
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